About us

Cumulus Consultants (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1984 as an independent financial advisory firm, initially specialising in actuarial consulting, personal financial planning, and employee benefits. Our foundations are anchored in strong ethical, mathematical, and accounting principles, allowing us to provide you with reliable financial guidance, advice, and creating robust structures. We also ensure that through personal consultation we understand your needs and address the things that matter most to you to ensure your family’s financial wellness.

For more than 30 years, we have weathered many storms. From events such as PW Botha’s Rubicon speech,  the Emerging Markets crash, the Dot-Com Bubble, and the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. Being part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we have witnessed change, from the release of the Late Nelson Mandela, a new democracy, endured the Zuma Years and until the present….

We are now faced with a new uncharted challenge – surviving COVID-19. Based on our strong foundations we shall steer our clients through this crisis. Life has never been without a challenge, we have always come out the other side with new ideas and a new spirit.

Cumulus Consultants’ business model leverages a group of companies and partnerships to offer you solutions in the following areas of your financial well-being:

Start today:

Life Insurance, Disability and Critical Illness Cover
Face your mortality and life’s financial risks. No regrets. As we are now staring at a difficult time ahead of us. We must face our fears and act upon it.
Retirement Planning and Investments
Personalised consultation and planning are custom-made to ensure optimum results based on your affordability and requirements.
Estate Planning and
Our vast experience in the field of wealth management puts us in the driving seat to ensure that your estate will be well managed.
Medical Aid and
Gap Cover
With a vast variety of plans and options available, let us narrow it down to what will work best for you and your family’s needs.
Accounting and Tax
Our team of specialists is enabled to effectively attend to all business requirements and advice.
Statutory Services and Compliance
Through us and our experienced partners, we provide the full suite of statutory and secretarial services required for business entities and trusts to comply with legislation.