Newsletter 1 – 11 May 2020

Today we celebrate the launch of our new website.

Since 27 March 2020 we were all challenged with the current state of Emergency Lockdown and we are all highly frustrated about the limited movement allowed and the application of the lockdown rules by the authorities.

We will most certainly when this is all something of the past, remember this for years to come.

Even when this lockdown is phased out and the economy can strive to go back to normal, we will have to adhere to our disciplines in hygiene and social distancing until COVID-19 is better understood and can perhaps be better treated, especially for those under higher risk. We urge you and your families to look after yourselves in your daily living in the most sensible manner possible.

At Cumulus, we have been working hard during this time and we have made use of the opportunity to investigate our business and how to streamline some of our processes. Going forward we look forward to doing things differently and will be able to serve you better. We also invite you to make suggestions on how we can do it better.

We will continuously make use of this and other social media platforms to bring news and industry updates to you.

Stay safe.

Newsletter 1 – 11 May 2020