Management Services

Once your financial strategy is in-line with your needs, we also offer Financial Management Services by Cumulus Management Services (Pty) Ltd and strategic professional partners.

Where you make use of business entities such as companies, close corporations, and trusts, we will identify the management services required to keep your financial structure/s up to date and inter alia to provide you with applicable tax advice and strategies.

Accounting and Tax Service

To achieve the optimum result to support your operational entities such as estate management and wealth planning – it is of the utmost importance that you strategise continuously with a team of qualified and professional accountants and auditors to ensure up-to-date financial reporting and tax compliance. Compliance with changing legislation and SARS needing more money for the fiscus is becoming even more challenging and costly. The Covid-19 aftermath is likely to pose more income tax challenges than ever before.

Statutory Services

Statutory Services include company registrations, share transfers, payroll services, annual returns, etc in compliance with the Companies Act of 2008, the Income Tax Act, and all other relevant legislation.

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Life Insurance, Disability and Critical Illness Cover
Face your mortality and life’s financial risks. No regrets. As we are now staring at a difficult time ahead of us. We must face our fears and act upon it.
Retirement Planning and Investments
Personalised consultation and planning are custom-made to ensure optimum results based on your affordability and requirements.
Estate Planning and
Our vast experience in the field of wealth management puts us in the driving seat to ensure that your estate will be well managed.
Medical Aid and
Gap Cover
With a vast variety of plans and options available, let us narrow it down to what will work best for you and your family’s needs.
Accounting and Tax
Our team of specialists is enabled to effectively attend to all business requirements and advice.
Statutory Services and Compliance
Through us and our experienced partners, we provide the full suite of statutory and secretarial services required for business entities and trusts to comply with legislation.